As a master’s student at Tsinghua University, I am profoundly interested in the development of advanced intelligent agents capable of human-level cognition, and even attaining superhuman levels of intelligence. I am convinced that the integration of machine learning and robotics holds immense potential for transforming human life and reshaping our future in unprecedented ways.

Recent News

  • I am currently looking for a Ph.D. position in RL (2024 Fall).
  • One paper is submitted to TMLR.
  • One paper is submitted to AISTATS 2024.
  • Two papers are submitted to WWW 2024.
  • One paper is submitted to ICLR 2024.
  • One paper is accepted by NeurIPS 2023, see you in New Orleans.
  • Two papers are submitted to AAAI 2024.
  • Two papers are submitted to CIKM 2023.

Research Interest

As a research enthusiast in the realm of Artificial Intelligence, I am deeply invested in the development of Reinforcement Learning as a pivotal pathway towards realizing Artificial General Intelligence. Currently, my research endeavors are centered on controlable reinforcement learning and enhancing the efficacy of machine learning algorithms. Although I am in the nascent stages of my academic journey, my ardent commitment to this field is unwavering and I aspire to devote the entirety of my professional career to it.

Should my research align with your own interests and academic pursuits, I cordially invite you to connect with me via email.


I am currently enrolled in a Master’s program in Computer Technology at Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School, which is a constituent of the illustrious Tsinghua University. Prior to this, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in the College of Artificial Intelligence at Nankai University.